Balloon & Balloon Catheters, Development and OEM Manufacture

TT Medical, Inc. ---- a biomedical company dedicated in innovative interventional device R&D, manufacturing and global marketing The Innovative Products: Bioabsorbable Scaffold (PowerScaffold®), Paclitaxel coated PTCA balloon catheter (EverFlow®), PTCA dilatation series balloon catheters (Semi-compliant, Non-compliant and CTO), PTA balloon Catheters, 3Stage balloon catheters et al. Advanced R&D and Manufacturing facility: Advance R$D center located inside M2D2 (Massachusetts Medical Development Center, UMass Lowell), Boston, MA, and strategic alliance with both UMass Plastic Engineering Department and Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Medical Center. ISO 13485 Ensured QMS: Class 10K Cleanroom facility located at Songshan Lake National Industrial Park, Dongguan, China are with fully ensured with ISO 13485-2016 QMS certified for interventional devices manufacturing. Expertise: Product design & rapid prototyping, Precision tube extrusion, Balloon Forming, Las...

Established: 2012.12 Location: Songshan Lake National Hightech Park, Dongguan, Guangdong Classification: US Owed Chinese Company Type: China National High-Tech Company Core Value: Promise for Life Mission: Provide Solutios for Cardiovascular Diseases. Focus: Interventional Device R&D, Manufcturing and Global Marketing Quanlity: ISO-13485-2016