Three Stage Dilatation: three separate dilatation pressures with three distinct and precise diameters.

Precision Dilatation: Precision controlled balloon diameter and length expansion.

Strength Dilatation: The balloon was made with optimized high pressure material for strength and rupture resistant.

Rapid Inflation and Deflation: the optimized dual lumen catheter design make little or no balloon waist with rapid inflation and deflation times.

Enhanced Visibility and Traceability: The rounded shoulders facilitate visualization of the strictures while dilating.
Compliant and Non-compliant balloon catheter, designed specifically for peripheral vessel dilatation.

Precision Expansion: Precision controlled balloon diameter and length expansion: dilate the vessel exactly as wanted.

High Pressure & Rupture-Resistant: Endured high pressure(>20 Bars) and Rupture -Resistant design: more safe during dilatation

Excellent Crossability: minimum intro-profile, easy crossing for small vessel.

Over-the-wire or Rapid Exchange design with TranSmooth Technology: maximum pushability for most torque vessel.

Full ranged sizes covering most of the vessel segments.
Length: 20-150mm
Guide wire: 0.014; 0.018; 0.035
Precision controlled balloon compliance and length expansion
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