LifeSupport™ PMM Balloon Dilator Features
LifeSupport™ Pulmonary Multichannel-MultiStage Balloon Dilator(PMM) system is intended to be used in urgent rescuing/supporting phenomena ,especially for Convid-19 end- stage phenomena . Ventilation, tracheal intubation, tracheal occlusion dilation, sputum aspiration, pulmonary oxygenation and auto biopsy can be performed simultaneously through the system:

Long-or short Insert: The system would be inserted as a regular catheter through tracheal intubation or endoscope, indwelled inside trachea long (up to months) or short as need.
Ventilator Compatibility: the system can be used during ventilation, or independently
MultiStage® Balloon Dilation: the dilation balloon in the system is three-staged, which can be used in most tracheal tracks—save the time and effective.
Alveolus Infusion/Aspiration: through the Aspiration port, the sputum at Alveolus level can be sucked and cleaned. The system is compatible with all aspirating equipment.
Consistent Oxygenation: through Oxygenation port, the system can provide the needed oxygen in long or short term
Deep Tissue Biopsy: through wire/biopsy channel, the deep pulmonary tissue biopsy can be performed during the treatment process.
Three Stage Dilatation: three separate dilatation pressures with three distinct and precise diameters.

Precision Dilatation: Precision controlled balloon diameter and length expansion.

Strength Dilatation: The balloon was made with optimized high pressure material for strength and rupture resistant.

Rapid Inflation and Deflation: the optimized dual lumen catheter design make little or no balloon waist with rapid inflation and deflation times.

Enhanced Visibility and Traceability: The rounded shoulders facilitate visualization of the strictures while dilating.
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